What are digitals?

Digitals are super simple images that show off a model's body features as well as facial features. They are usually taken with a black top/jeans and very little to no makeup so that agencies get a good look at skin texture and tone. Modeling agencies will then typically put these on the model's online book so that clients in search of talent can decide who is right for the project they are booking for.

As a model, what should I wear?

Keep it simple! I always recommend a black tank, black jeans or leggings and heels (or sneakers for males) and if you are comfortable doing so, some agencies like to see swimsuit shots as well. Come with a fresh face and natural hair texture!

What are some "go-to" poses for digitals?

  • One leg forward, and one hand up on hip (like the photos above)
  • Feet slightly widened and crossed arms
  • You can do either thumbs in pockets, or hands in pockets (with your thumbs out). You never want to stick all of your fingers in your pockets though because then your arm just kind of cuts off and it can look a bit weird
  • Profile shot!!!! Make sure to turn to the side so we can see that gorgeous bone structure.
  • Smilllleeeeee! Yes, the serious ones are beautiful but it's important to have some smiling as well

If you want to see a reel about posing for digitals, I have it on my instagram as well @jennacarneyphotography