Storytelling and documenting before posing

So as a mother myself, I value family photos more than anything. I have a section on my wedding page that talks about my "why" and I explain that I value family photographs so much because those family photographs will be all that your grandchildren or further generations have to get to know you. I look at photos of my grandparents who passed when I was so young and it gives me a glimpse at what their lives were like and who they were as people. So that also leads into HOW I photograph families, which is just really.....real.

I can of course send you a style guide, pose you super pretty and make silly noises to get your little ones to smile directly at my camera. But chances are you don't dress like that all the time and your little one's hair is rarely that brushes and their hands that clean. I feel the best way to capture your pregnancy, birth, or family is through by just hanging out with you and documenting everything as it is. Natural, organic, authentic and real.

So let's hang out at the lake during your pregnancy, or just get you cuddled up with your partner and have some tender moments. Or invite me over to photograph you playing with your little ones in the backyard of your home. Because ultimately, the messy hair, the blurry cuddles, and the quiet moments together are going to tell your story 20x better than a perfectly airbrushed moment. (though I can provide that too *wink wink)

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