My "why"

Legacy moments. Yes, you read that right. LEGACY. MOMENTS. Do you ever look at old photos of family members you never got to know really well? Or old photos of your parents and think, "Wow. So that's what they were like." That is why I do this. I never knew my grandparents very well but when I look at old photos of them, it shows me so much about who they were. These are called legacy moments. Moments that I can capture for you that will show your children or future generations what your wedding was like, how you loved, and the sea of people who cared for you as well. It's storytelling and it's time travel and I can't express to you what a photograph means.

Let's talk about the experience + my style

Let me guess, you feel awkward in front of a camera don't you? Let me let you in on something, EVERYONE does. But if I do my job correctly, after the first few minutes, you won't know I'm there and you'll be having a blast. I don't want to stick you guys in these stiff poses and make you stare into my lens smiling. I want to hang out with you guys and just let you enjoy each other's company, and being together. The formal/smiling photos are beautiful for Christmas gifts to the in-laws but the photos that I love, are the ones of you totally in your element, unaware that I'm there and just in your own world. I'll keep you moving and talking (hopefully laughing, but most of my jokes are from popsicle sticks). Those little in between moments are what I live for and what I believe showcase your personalities and love the best!

Now as far as what my style is, I truly never know how to answer this but I will try. I feel like every single wedding day is different. Every single couple is different. The days themselves just feel different you know? Some wedding days are in the summer surrounded by lush greens and feel bright and airy. Some wedding days are in the fall where it's cloudy and the reception is candlelit. I tend to edit based on how the day feels. I think it's important that when you look back on these photos 20 years from now you can remember the day as it happened and how it felt versus seeing it through a trendy filter that may look good now, but may not age so well for the future. I am here to help tell YOUR story, not to make my Instagram feed look good and "hip."

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