Do you Travel?

Yes! So far I have only been asked to travel to Georgia and Alabama but I am dying to shoot in other places!

How long have you been doing this?

To be honest, I never know how to answer this because I started taking photos in high school (around 2012) but I don't claim any of the images I took before 2019.

How many photos do we get?

So this varies. I have had some weddings that are short, sweet, and the couples only want the big moments photographed and then I have shot weddings where the couples want EVERYTHING captured. But I think a safe number is 500 images.

How do we get our photos?

I will deliver your images to you in an online gallery. You can share the gallery with family and friends and even order prints and other products from a professional printing lab so that you aren't stuck with CVS quality portraits on your living room wall!

Do you retouch photos?

Ahhhh, the age old question of, "Can you make me look skinner?" comes to my mind. I do edit out blemishes, stray hairs that are in the way, people in the background, and I can even do a faceswap or two if people are blinking in the large family portraits. But listen, every single human on the face of this planet is beautiful and I believe that with every fibre of my being. So will I take stuff out and correct here and there? Yes. But no body alterations!

Whats your turn around time?

So I know it seems like we show up for a few hours on your wedding day and that's it, but once we leave your wedding or shoot.....well that's just the beginning. Photographers spend 80% of their time editing and 20% of it shooting. So I will say my contract says 6-8 weeks to receive a gallery back for weddings and 2 weeks on general shoots. I have taken that, and I have also taken less than that. Just be patient with us :)

How do we book you?

YAAAASSSS if you're even reading this does that....does that mean you're considering me?!?!? Okay before I get too excited, I do ask for a 25% deposit for weddings/elopements and no payment until the day of for other sessions. I'll send you over my contract to read through and sign and once I have both of those things, you are officially in my planner!
(The remaining balance on wedding packages is due ONE WEEK prior to the wedding day and I'll send you a reminder email a couple of days before!)

Can you help us with planning?

I can! BUT if you have the budget for a planner, I can't express to you what actual angels they are. Because the truth is, when photographers have to take over planning and coordinating on your big day, it takes us out of the moment and we aren't 100% in our zone.

How far out do you book?

As of right now (2021) I'm not booking too far out but I always tell couples that it's good to book your "priority" vendors ONE YEAR out. Since the pandemic hit and postponed a lot of events, a lot of wedding vendors are booking double right now trying to catch up and get everyone rescheduled. So make sure you that if there are specific vendors that you know you want at your wedding, that you reach out to them super early!

What should we do for an engagement session?

First make sure you want to do an engagement session. Don't feel like it's a necessity because I have some couples that don't want to do one at all but feel it's something they "have to do." But if you are wanting to hang out with me then we can connect and talk about what you feel like suites your personalities and relationship the best. Is that a cozy in home shoot? Or is it running through a park? Pizza downtown on a parking garage? Whatever it is, I am game!

What should we wear?

Pinterest is your bestfriend babes! I always recommend earthy tones or neutral colors just because I've learned over the years that bright pink chevron does not photograph that well. But make sure it's YOU and that you feel comfortable and confident in it. And that it fits the location! For example, if you want to run around downtown, maybe stick to something casual. Or if you're wanting to go to a garden, you can wear that outfit you love and feel fancy in.

What is a second shooter?

A second shooter is exactly what it sounds like! A second pair of eyes. I do shoot a good majority of weddings by myself but a second shooter will 1) make the day flow a bit easier 2) will deliver you more images and 3) may capture something that I miss

It's not a necessity but it is something I love to offer and I know some crazy talented people to come shoot with me!

Do you photograph birth?

YES YES YES. I am hoping to have some birthing photos up on my site soon but every mama that I have been on call for has need a last minute c-section but I am super passionate about birthing and I would absolutely love to document your birth.