Why in-home sessions are so special to me:

Don't get me wrong, I think the beautifully posed newborn photographs are absolutely breath taking. But that's just not something I'm confident in doing myself and there's something so special about getting to document your family and your little ones in your home. For some, you're in your first home together, starting a family. And for others, this may be your forever home. Where your little one will take their first steps, learn to laugh, and say their first words.

Another big plus, you can stay in your pajamas if you don't want photos of yourselves and you don't have to worry about loading a newborn up.

I make sure to get some close ups of their little toes that won't stay so little for very long. And I can also get some images of you just loving on each other. Nose kisses, snuggles, and every sweet moment between.

In-home sessions may not be beautifully airbrushed or as detailed, but they are intimate and beautiful just the same.

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