Alright, let's talk about those family portraits that everyone hates getting dressed for but no one EVER regrets showing up for.

They're important guys. I mean, I shoot weddings and elopements and I still count family photographs as the most important thing you could invest in.


Because to be super morbid, we aren't here forever. And though I'm sure our memories will forever live on in the saved posts of snapchat and Facebook, it's not quite the same. The photograph at the top of this blog is actually my father and I. He was diagnosed with cancer in November of 2021, and we had these family photos taken in December of 2021. I just lost him on 04/21/22. Just a few months time guys, that's it. If I had put it off just a few more months, I wouldn't have the images I have now and therefor wouldn't have any of just us two from before 2013 at my high school graduation. So much has happened since then. I have become a wife, a mother, and my brothers have grown their families as well.

Life changes in the blink of an eye. Which leads me to my next point.

You should be investing in photography with each new season of life. And yes, I'm aware I am biased because I do this for a living, but even if you don't contact me to photograph a milestone, contact someone. PLEASE. Because as awkward as we all feel in front of a camera, there is nothing that will help tell the story of your life, like photographs. They're the greatest glimpse into the lives of those we love that we can no longer see or talk to.

So make sure to invest in your family portraits. With each marriage, each baby, each career change, each graduation, each and every single milestone of life. You'll be so thankful 40 years from now.

*Also, shoutout to our photographer Madison Brewer for these images of my dad and I. I will cherish them forever and I'll be able to show my kids what a proud pop pop he was.*